The Job Schedule Project

The Job Schedule Project is a web based job scheduling system. The system is designed to give an easy view of the job flow of field service personnel.

Each field service person’s job flow is identified as a row in the schedule with jobs indicated along the row.

By clicking on the job it gives the option to edit the job details if for some reason the job requires changes. The job can also be moved or cancelled.

By tracking the jobs of all service personnel it’s much easier to review job history and track many other metrics for each service technician.

By collecting the data over time the system will give reporting and statistics on the overall productivity of each technician.

With the system tracking the length of time each job takes and records any future callback or warranty claims.

The system is designed to feed into other available systems also:

For example after a job is created the system can produce a standard invoice or a technical invoice it can also be asked to create an invoice in the Zero accounting system.

Likewise, if a job is a repeatable service like cleaning, pest management are can be rebooked on a regular basis. The system can send the customer reminder information from a reminder function where the system can keep the customer up to date with the latest information relating to the service being provided. This occurs by allowing the system to interface to Agile CRM where the customer relationship management software does exactly that, it manages the customer relationship. Keeping your name in the forefront of the customers mind.

Modules under development

Main Schedule View

main schedule

Single Day View

main schedule

Add a new Job

main schedule

Edit an existing Job

main schedule